Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar 2018

For all the Muslims out there who have been waiting for this Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar, here it is, now from this post, you can get in hand the complete details that when the Holy month of Ramadan will be started in Dubai and when it will be ended. It is for the information for all of the Muslims that the Holy month of Ramadan in Dubai will be starting from 16th May 2018 and it will be ended on the 15th June 2018. We have also seen that the fast timings in the city of Dubai is also quite and rather long, but the Muslims over there do not have to get scared, it will be these long fast timings through which Allah will shower His blessings on all the Muslims. If you have been residing in Dubai and you want to have the Ramadan 2018 calendar before that then you can get that Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar 2018 right from this webpage and also you can see monthly dubai prayer times.

Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar 2018 Starting and Ending Date: 16th May 2018 till 15th June 2018

Dubai Ramadan Fasting Calendar Now, all the Dubai residents can well catch up with the Sehri and also the Iftari timings, this complete timetable of Dubai Ramadan 2018 will make this Ramadan month of yours much easier now because now you will be able to know the exact date and also the exact timings that when Sehri and Iftari will be followed up. It is this Holy month of Ramadan in which you can wash away all your sins, it is this blessed month in which you will be given peace and you will also be trying your level not to commit the sins. If you also want to have the timetable or the schedule of other cities for Ramadan 2018 then you can get it right from here.

Dubai Ramadan Calendar 2018

Ramadan Date Day Sehr Time Iftar Time
1st 17-May-18 Thursday 4:05 AM 6:58 PM
2nd 18-May-18 Friday 4:05 AM 6:58 PM
3rd 19-May-18 Saturday 4:04 AM 6:59 PM
4th 20-May-18 Sunday 4:03 AM 6:59 PM
5th 21-May-18 Monday 4:03 AM 7:00 PM
6th 22-May-18 Tuesday 4:02 AM 7:01 PM
7th 23-May-18 Wednesday 4:02 AM 7:01 PM
8th 24-May-18 Thursday 4:01 AM 7:02 PM
9th 25-May-18 Friday 4:01 AM 7:02 PM
10th 26-May-18 Saturday 4:00 AM 7:03 PM
11th 27-May-18 Sunday 4:00 AM 7:03 PM
12th 28-May-18 Monday 3:59 AM 7:04 PM
13th 29-May-18 Tuesday 3:59 AM 7:04 PM
14th 30-May-18 Wednesday 3:59 AM 7:04 PM
15th 31-May-18 Thursday 3:58 AM 7:05 PM
16th 1-Jun-18 Friday 3:58 AM 7:05 PM
17th 2-Jun-18 Saturday 3:58 AM 7:06 PM
18th 3-Jun-18 Sunday 3:57 AM 7:06 PM
19th 4-Jun-18 Monday 3:57 AM 7:07 PM
20th 5-Jun-18 Tuesday 3:57 AM 7:07 PM
21st 6-Jun-18 Wednesday 3:57 AM 7:08 PM
22nd 7-Jun-18 Thursday 3:57 AM 7:08 PM
23rd 8-Jun-18 Friday 3:56 AM 7:08 PM
24th 9-Jun-18 Saturday 3:56 AM 7:09 PM
25th 10-Jun-18 Sunday 3:56 AM 7:09 PM
26th 11-Jun-18 Monday 3:56 AM 7:10 PM
27th 12-Jun-18 Tuesday 3:56 AM 7:10 PM
28th 13-Jun-18 Wednesday 3:56 AM 7:10 PM
29th 14-Jun-18 Thursday 3:56 AM 7:11 PM
30th 15-Jun-18 Friday 3:56 AM 7:11 PM

* Add four minutes for Abu Dhabi, deduct four minutes for Ras Al Khaimah and six minutes for Fujairah

Note: For safety add 5 minutes after start time & subtract 5 minutes from ending time for Sehri (Suhoor) & all Prayer Times; add only 2 minutes after start time for Maghrib & Iftar.