Ramadan Kareem Meaning and Advantages

Ramadan is the holy month of Muslim during which the fast for 29 or 30 days depending on the siting of the moon and eventually celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr after these days of fasting. Ramadan Kareem meaning basically explains how beautiful this month of Ramadan is and saying the phrase Ramadan Kareem is common during this month. Ramadan meaning holds to be something like a greeting said to a fellow Muslim during this month and it basically means that you are sending blessings towards him for the month and after too.

ramadan kareem

Ramadan Kareem Meaning and Advantages:

Ramadan Kareem meaning and the month of Ramadan is a very happy time for Muslims all across the world because it is during this time that the fast and pray to Allah. They try to stay away from all kinds of sins and that is basically the Ramadan meaning too. Not only stopping yourself from eating or drinking but from sinful activities like swearing etc. are also avoided in this month especially during a fast.

The advantages of this month are way beyond our expectations but it not only holds religious significance but also is a very healthy way of making your body fit and fine. The system is literally cleaned from within and not just spiritually but physically too. This means that Ramadan Kareem meaning is not just confined to the religious bounds but it is an excellent form of worship for a person who wants to stand out as a good human in the society too.

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Ramadan meaning also initiates that we as individuals understand the pain and suffering of the less fortunate. If that is not done then there is really no point of not eating and fasting from dawn till dusk. Allah wants to make you a better human and a better Muslim. The fast is not something that is kept to show off but the true Ramadan Kareem meaning lies in the fact that we are extremely kind to each other not only in this holy and blessed month but in the months to follow too. Ramadan Kareem meaning sets a precedent for all Muslims to follow the divine guidelines mentioned by the Holy Prophet and by Allah himself in the Quran.

Islam is a very moderate religion and Ramadan Kareem meaning does not ask everyone to fast. The elderly, the sick, the women who are lactating, pregnant or are menstruating are all exempted from the fast but they can feed the poor or give in the way of Allah in lieu of the fast too. All of this is observed to make sure that we at the end, turn out to be excellent individuals and spread the message of Islam in the best possible way. This could be done through explaining to non-Muslims the Ramadan meaning by showing them a great example through our own gestures and behaviors throughout this blessed and hold month of fasting. Muslim should try and make the most out of this month.